Father To Son Speech {Unplugged}

Sophmore Year Pt.1 Now Available for Download

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Congrats to Shuicide Holla OHHA “Lyricist of The Year” Winner!



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Album Release Date:
Net Copy: 9/22/2013
Hard Copy: 9/28/2013

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article written by: Ryan Gilkerson

When the mic goes dead in the middle of a freestyle routine in front of a crowd, rappers quickly find out just what kind of an artist they are. Many artists have what’s now known as an “8 Mile Moment.” Just like Eminem’s character in the movie of the same name, they freeze in place, and time stops.  They’ll actually feel the sweat bead on their temples and think they hear each individual thought from every audience member that believes the very moment represents the end of their career. For many, the experience is enough to have them drop the mic and flee to the confines of the bar to drink the memory away READ MORE…


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